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I Am Val Leon

Love, Lust & Pain - Paperback (Pre-Order)

Love, Lust & Pain - Paperback (Pre-Order)

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Adonis Pain was a successful professional, and what everybody else thought of as the ultimate ladies’ man. He could never find himself with any one woman for an extended period, and what man would not want to experience the sexual escapades with hundreds of different women that Adonis had experienced.

Deep inside Adonis wanted more, he wanted to understand the difference between love and lust to find the one woman for him. But, along this journey he left many of broken hearts and met many of women that thought they found love in him.

When he set out to settle down and be a one woman’s man, somebody else was determined to do all she could to make sure that she would be the one he ultimately settled down with. This mystery woman loved him to death.

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